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Important Considerations When Selling Your Property

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EU Energy

IPA Spain is happy to assist you when/if you want to sell your current Spanish property. With the new EU energy classification directives that will take effect in Spain starting in 2025, IPA only accepts properties with energy classifications A, B, or C. Please contact us to learn more about what is included and what we need to sell your property. We will tailor an agreement according to your wishes.  Here you can find more information about the newly adopted energy directive.


Legal Requirements

When selling a property, it's crucial to be aware of certain legal obligations to avoid unpleasant surprises. Since 2013, it is mandatory by law to have a valid energy certificate. Additionally, the seller must typically present a valid certificate of habitability. Without this, a new owner cannot set up utility contracts for electricity and/or water. The buyer also has the right to verify that all surfaces are correctly registered and included in the deed. If there are discrepancies, the sale can still proceed, but the cost of updating the records falls on the seller, and the agreed amount is retained for the benefit of the buyer.

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General Selling Costs

Real estate transactions involve taxable costs, and these general expenses can vary. Capital gains tax and municipal gains tax must be calculated and, if applicable, declared and paid to the Spanish tax authority and local municipality within a specified period. The amounts depend on the profit made, how long you have owned the property, and the selling price.

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